"Most of all, let love guide your life.  "    Colossians 3:14


Amanda Churchill  |  photographer + encaustic artist

wife  |  mother  |  teacher  |  HIS first, always

Specializing in connections + relationships, milestone moments and small intimate gatherings.

I am driven by story, by origins, and by music, movement + light.

I am committed to inspiring a more intentional lifestyle.

I believe in slowing down - and making time for simple living and loving fully.

I believe that a single moment can be monumentally beautiful.

I believe that passion is the connective thread.

I believe in a tangible legacy.

I believe a photograph should hold truth and meaning and hope and promise - all in one.

To leave a lifemap for your beloved.


+ A lifemap is ::

A well curated collection.  Image cartography.  An inheritable documentary of your story.   Tangible proof of who you are and how deeply you loved.





still and moving photographs

editorial photography

encaustic painting and services for photographers

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