7 on Seven | May 2012


The thing about fear is that it is a thief.  It snatches away possibilities.  It distracts from beauty.  And sidetracks happiness.  In my quest to be fierce I have a goal ...  to push fear aside, to grab hold of the love and beauty closest to me, and to let go of the worry.  Of the everything else.  And of the things I am not.  

My sweet girl, she's a smart one.  "7 is a good number,"  she says, as she twirls around in her little white dress and pink knee socks.  "I think this is going to be a good year.  I'm happy with 7."  

So I listened.  

Yes - 7 is a good number.  A great place to start.

So on the 7th day of every month, I'll be reflecting.  Gathering.  7 good moments from the month before. 7 images that remind us of laughter.  Happiness.  Goodness.

There is magic in a photograph.  Thrilling magic.  It pauses a moment and forever gives you the gift of possibility.  The thing that fear did not take - not that day.

So this is where I am.  And where I've been this last month.  And the moments where beauty and Grace were so heavily present that I couldn't help but gather it up for later.  They may not mean anything to you - but to me, they are anchors.  My moments.  My hope.  My badge of success.  And my bridge into June.

What are yours?