7 on Seven | June 2012


Our June.  Mamiya 645.


In the hottest moments of this last month - the 100 degree days - we were all in search of water. Of relief. Of something, to quench our thirst. The wanting was thick, and the days grew slow. We missed the sunlight now blocked by the closed blinds, and we craved a good long run. How fitting that my heart was feeling the very same way. I was in search of water - something tangible to wash over my uneasiness. I felt dry and brittle - like the connections I was making got lost in the air. That I was failing the world around me by not working harder - daily - to connect people. Sustainable connections. Enough to refresh and replenish the relationships into the next phase of their history. It is in those days of searching that good ideas are born...

This is what I found:

The water - my water - it runs deep. It flows easy, just beneath the surface. I have a resevoir there - flashing bits of memory, light, laughter, and hope. This is where the good days live. That water gushes, if you let it. 

So does yours.

We've got some great ideas about sharing that water. And we hope to tell you about that soon enough.

Until then - dig deep. Find your resevoir.  Let the water spill out, all around you.  There are many who are thirsty.