ebb and flow and walking on tiptoes.

There are things... waiting to be said.

And just like that - they get replaced. 

I find myself deleting more than I give. 

The more I know, the more I know NOTHING. 

Don't do it, they say...  Don't open that gate. The intersection will be a mistake.  Wouldn't you rather keep quiet? 

Yes.  A thousand times yes.   

But this is the ebb and flow. 

I'm full of cracks and I'm leaking quick. 

Writing on tiptoes and hoping the light blinds out the darkness. 

And praying that at the bottom of it all, there lies - me.  And that my story - my many pieces -  will lead my blonde beauties through when nothing else can. 

Because if we aren't making a choice - leaving a lifemap - for those, our beloved - who else will?  

Yes.  I've been quiet here.  And there.  But there is much to be said.  

And the light here, in the beautiful in between - it is enough. 

I'll start with this... 


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