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such a beautiful process... thank you, so much, for your open doors, your open hands, and your open hearts.

In the whirlwind of beauty seeking, and the giving of our art to any who would listen, we began seeking more...  We were driven by love and attention - by the passion devoted to craft, to cause, and to simple pleasures; those committed to leaving a tangible legacy connecting past with present and future.  The makers, the innovators, the dreamers.  We cannot wait to share with you an amazing group of local artisans, creatives and people with passion.  And suggestions are always welcome!!!

That said - we're so pleased to introduce you to LilyBean's Micro-Roasted Coffee.  If you've ever been over to our little home for a visit, you've most likely had a cup or 3.  Spending a morning with them while they roasted our coffee was irreplaceable.  The process is a surprisingly simple one...  They have carefully selected the best quality product, and in just a few quick minutes of magic in a finely tuned red beauty, the beans go from green to popped and toasted.  The natural oils that are released are essential to the freshness and flavor.  Therefore, the use of a paper filter soaks up all those oils and detracts from the perfect cup.  Despite the rich flavor of a dark bean, the darker the roast - the lower the amount of caffeine.  We recommend the medium roast - full of flavor and most definitely our favorite.

Chad & Meghan combine experience in marine geology with coordinating and hosting local farm to table events.  Who better to be trusted with the very beginning of the day?

Here is LilyBean's story and why we love them so...

LilyBean’s Micro-Roasted Coffee was born out of a passion for great coffee. When we moved to NC, we couldn’t find what we wanted, so we decided to learn how to roast. We started on the stovetop and gradually evolved our methods. Chad’s background as a marine geologist left him especially sensitive to the coffee industry’s impact on the environment and the precarious fortunes of small coffee farmers. We committed to purchase beans direct from small farmers, cutting out large corporations that bought the beans for rock-bottom prices, and therefore putting more money in the hands of the families that grow the beans. We always buy shade-grown, organic coffee – not just because it tastes better, but also because it is better for the environment. When you grow coffee in high elevations in shady areas, the plants grow more slowly, requiring less pesticides or fertilizers, which small farmers can’t afford anyway. Our decaf coffee is spring-water decaffeinated (instead of with chemicals). At the shop, we roast in small batches so that we can customize for the customer. Our goal is to recycle or compost all of the waste that is produced. We buy fruit from local vendors for our scones and pastries made daily and, in turn, give them large buckets of coffee grounds for natural fertilizer.

We named the company after our daughter and she’s the first to tell you she is LilyBean. Both children are fans of coffee and can often be found sweeping up or pouring coffee for a guest.

We'd love it if you would stop by to visit them!  Tell them we sent you.

Here are some links:  WEBSITE  |  FACEBOOK

And locally at: 221 South Lafayette Street, Suite 6, Shelby, NC 28150  |  704.476.0094

Such a privilege, sweet friends, to document the passion you have for your craft and the people you share it with.


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