8. For sunshine, and Indian Summer.

9. For clean floors.

10. For a child that sings all day - even when she's supposed to be sleeping.

11. For Eucharisteo.  And a list a mile long.

12. For answers to prayer - even when it's not the answer I wanted.

13. For my sweet littles - and the opportunity to teach them - at home and afar.

14. For orange chocolate bars, and the poems they are wrapped in.

15. For quiet moments between.

16. For rain.

17. For the ability to be resourceful.  Creatively so.

18. For the workshop.

19. For Isabel.

20. For forgiveness.

21. For 2 months without migraines.

22. For music - and the fullness it brings to my happy house.

23. For my dad - and his second chance.

24. For travels - to be with family near and far.

25. For the mountains. And fog.  And the mysteries that surround them.

26. For busy-ness.  And for being caught up.

27. For coffee.

28. For dancing with the girls - when I am tired.

29. For friends who get it - and who let me be me.

30. For new plans.  And letting go of old ones.


Hoping each of you have been able to take a moment - each day - to be thankful for what you have been given.  For the things that are too easily taken for granted.  For the beautiful moments that go as swiftly as they come.  Make it a habit, dear friends...  Carry it into December.  And then into the new year.  Be thankful, daily, for the good - the happy - the difficult - the trying - and the forgotten.  Be blessed - again and again - by the moments you collect.  For they are treasures.